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Thomson Reuters Data Capture Frequently Asked Questions

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Uploading Files To Thomson Reuters Data Capture

Thomson Reuters Data Capture supports different methods for uploading files: FTP, Web,Email,SFTP . Thomson Reuters Data Capture does not support anonymous file uploads, so please contact Thomson Reuters Data Capture to establish a login name and password.

To minimize transfer time and to bundle multiple files together Thomson Reuters Data Capture encourages Data Providers to compress their transmissions with one of three compression methods: PK-ZIP/Info-ZIP (.zip), GNU ZIP (.gzip or .gz), or UNIX compress (.Z). Utilities are available for DOS, Windows, UNIX, and Macintosh to read and write these compression formats. UNIX tar (.tar) archives are also supported.

Uploading using FTP
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is Thomson Reuters Data Capture's preferred method for uploading files. Users may use any FTP client from any computing platform. The FTP server's address is Anonymous FTP is not supported, so have your Thomson Reuters Data Capture login name and password handy.

Several easy to use, graphical based clients are available for Windows and Macintosh. Many clients feature drag-and-drop interfaces that allow users to drag files directly from the desktop to the remote system. An Internet connection and an FTP application is required to use FTP.

Uploading using Web
Thomson Reuters Data Capture allows data providers to send files using Web browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Thomson Reuters Data Capture's web server uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure the privacy of all transmissions. To transfer files using this method, connect to Thomson Reuters Data Capture's web site ( and follow the instructions on the page. Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer is SSL-capable and recommended.

Uploading using Internet Email
Data providers may email their files to Thomson Reuters Data Capture, but there are limitations. Internet mail servers limit the size of attachments to 9 MB. Additionally, because of the nature of Internet email servers, email is a much less secure method of transferring files. Under rare circumstances, email may not reach its intended recipient. Thomson Reuters Data Capture must establish a special email account if you wish to use email, so contact Thomson Reuters Data Capture if you are interested. An Internet connection and email client are required to use Internet email.

Uploading using the Secure FTP
Thomson Reuters Data Capture allows data providers to securely upload files using Secure FTP. To upload files using this method please fill up the online Fact Sheet, and follow the instructions accordingly.

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